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The Smaller Steps That Count

Hello everyone! It is a new year! Usually when a new year comes around you begin to think about what you would like to achieve for the year or a resolution. When a new year or a semester starts you begin to make goals yet, most of the goals that you have set never really turn out the way that you expect them to. Even though it is the second month of the year, it is never too late to develop some goals. You should begin by asking yourself some very important questions such as: What should I change? Who or what would I like to leave behind? What areas do I need improvement in? During this New Year and brand new school year/semester, you should take time and evaluate who or what in your life truly matters. Your entire college experience should be a vital point in your life. You should be able to look back over a time period, and see some growth, and personal development in yourself. You should begin by setting realistic goals. You can’t expect to have 10 billion dollars with absolutely no work. (If you can, then you’re one heck-of-a-person.) In order to achieve greatness, effort must be put forth. Setting small goals and working to achieve them is much more helpful in the long run. Nothing happens overnight. Eventually, you’ll find yourself becoming a better, a stronger, a wiser person because of the little steps you took instead of the large, unrealistic goals you set for yourself.

Moe Denise, Staff Writer


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