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Is it worth it?

I recently got a heart breaking email from a girl who says she is in an abusive relationship. I would like to remind all the ladies out there that you are worth more. Here is the email, remember names are changed to protect writers identity.


I have been with my boyfriend now for 2 years and he has recently started beating me. he come home drunk and just isn’t himself. I have had to lie to police about bruises. he is always sorry afterward and when he is not drunk he is fine. it is tearing me apart. do i hold on and fight or do i leave?


First of all sara i would attempt to talk to him when he is sober. if he truly is sorry about his actions he may listen. I Would highly recommend that your boyfriend stops drinking. If he is unable to do so the problem may continue. Perhaps you could consider couples counseling?  if he is unwilling to try these options ( or any that you think you may prefer) then it is not worth continuing to get hurt. whether he is drunk or not, what your boyfriend is doing is not okay.

I really hope you both can get some help. feel free to send further emails if you would like further support. xo

If anyone else would like advice on any matter email me at


stay strong.

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