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Thanksgiving Do’s & Don’ts

Thanksgiving is well on its way!  If you are a health conscious person or have been consistently watching your weight the entire year, you know the temptation is always real this time of year.  You shouldn’t be afraid to enjoy the holidays!  Eat and be merry, and keep these tips in mind as we enter the holiday season.  It’s very possible to enjoy holiday feasts while practicing moderation!


Exercise more.  During the holidays you will consume many extra calories than normal.  Therefore you will need to exercise more to burn those extra calories.  In the days leading up to a huge meal, exercise a little longer than normal.  On the day of your dinner, make time to take a walk before dinner time and once again after instead of succumbing to ‘the itis.’  Bring a friend or family member so it doesn’t seem like work.

Eat breakfast.  Do not skip breakfast the day of a holiday meal.  Eat a small breakfast that will satisfy you with protein and fiber included.  Eating breakfast will help to curb your appetite when it comes time to make your plate.  You will be more selective when choosing your food and beverages.

Watch your ingredients when cooking.  Make your holiday dishes healthier with less fat, sugar and calories.  Use fat free chicken broth, sugar substitutes and reduce oil and butter whenever possible.

Watch your portions.  It’s very important to resist overeating.  Don’t waste calories on foods that you eat regularly all day long.  Instead, choose foods that you only get to enjoy on the holidays.  Resist the urge to get seconds, instead just make a plate and save it for the next day.  Try to stick to white turkey meat, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and vegetables.

During the holidays make sure to also watch your alcohol intake, as the calories in alcohol can add up quickly.  Make it a goal to maintain your weight rather than lose weight.  And finally shift the focus from your meal to just enjoying the social time with family and friends.

Source: http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/10-tips-for-a-thinner-thanksgiving?page=2

Image: http://moms.mylifetime.com/parenting/soul-food-killing-black-people

Brandi Giles Editor, Health & Beauty

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