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All Virgin Hair Boutique Malaysian Curly: Initial Review

It’s that time of year again! Time for a new hair review!

photo (33) Straight and wavy hair is nice sometimes but I was really starting to get tired of blending my leave out with hair that looked nothing like mines.  This is why I decided to make the switch to curly hair.  I decided to make my purchase from All Virgin Hair Boutique—the same place I purchased my Malaysian straight hair last spring. (This hair is still going strong by the way.)  Now, let’s talk about the hair.


20,18,16 inches

Malaysian Curly

Customer Service:  I purchased my hair from the store in Smyrna.  Service was quick and friendly.  The staff was knowledgeable.

Shedding: Considering this hair is curly and requires a lot of combing every night, this hair doesn’t shed a lot at all.  It only sheds a few strands while I comb or brush through it at night!  I did not seal the wefts.

Tangling: This is curly hair so it will tangle a little from time to time.  It’s winter time so my wool scarfs don’t really help the situation.  I comb through the hair every morning and night, so the tangling is minimal.

Luster: This is what I love the most about this hair.  The luster is medium-low.  The hair looks like healthy human hair, and it isn’t shiny.  It looks so natural—like real hair growing out of my scalp.

Grey Hairs or Other Strange Things: Nothing out of the ordinary so far.

Blending: This hair blends well with any type of hair.  It doesn’t matter if you’re natural or

photo (35)relaxed.  To blend your hair with the curls just use some gel and conditioner and leave your hair in twists overnight.

Ends: Healthy & moisturized.  I also bleached and dyed the ends red.  So the hair takes color well.

Maintenance: Do not buy this hair if you do not have the patience to maintain it.  As I said earlier I have to spray it down with water and conditioner every morning and night.  I also co wash frequently and I braid it up at night.  It’s low maintenance in the sense that you don’t have to style it in the morning but it’s high maintenance in the sense that you have to add a few steps in your daily routine. 

Products: I’m still waiting to find a better product selection for this hair.  All Virgin Hair Boutique recommends the Organix and Mixed Chicks product lines but, I’m a college student on a budget.  Therefore, I’m looking for a more affordable alternative.

Overall Thoughts: I love this hair.  I’m a little worried about how long the curl pattern will last, but hopefully when I find the right products the curls will look better.  I’m pretty sure curly hair will be my new texture to wear and hopefully I’ll be able to get a lace closure soon so my hair will be fully protected.  All Virgin Hair Boutique has satisfied me once again.

Brandi Giles Editor, Health & Beauty

4 responses to “All Virgin Hair Boutique Malaysian Curly: Initial Review”

  1. I bought this product back in February 2014, since two weeks after the install I have had nothing but problems. Everyone kept saying buy the expensive stuff and it will last longer. I spent a fortune on the peruvian hair 3 bundles and the lace front only to have constant frizz that the most expenise products can not manage or control. Its more then obvious this hair is not the 5A grade I was told when I bought it. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

  2. i bought the same hair 2 bundles of the 16 inch in Tucker, GA & YAS! the hair is alot of maintenance! i wet the hair periodically thru the day but i use ‘curls’ bruele curl creme whipped & dr miracles curl care cream. i use a lil of garnier fructis serum on it too. & i learned with this hair, it don’t take well with leave in conditioner so i stopped with that. before i stoppped, i was using shea butter cantu leave in conditioner ; i cant afford mixed chicks lol. & my hair tangles bad if i don’t do the ‘pineapple’ or braiding my hair before i got to sleep. i have NO shedding i didn’t seal my wefts. NO matting.. it’s soft and fluffy. i want to dye it blue black but i don’t want to mess up my hair. i had it for a month now from yesterday & it’s still good!! how’s your doing now?

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