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How’s Ya Schedule Lookin’?

With mid-terms coming to an end and finals right around the corner, everyone is focused on their current classes and grades. This is the crunch time of the year where we as students seem to realize that our grades count. The libraries are fuller than ever, and office hours finally have more than one student participating. Everyone is slowly, but surely, improving their game.

However, we must keep in mind that an entire new semester is right around the corner, and classes for Spring 2013 will be up for grabs soon. It is very important to schedule classes as soon as they open in order to ensure that you not only are placed into your necessary classes, but also are able to choose the classes that will best fit your schedules. Depending on the person you are, an 8 pm class could be detrimental to your GPA because of the frequent issues that arise with attendance to them. I advise everyone to make time and meet with their advisers to discuss their class schedules as soon as possible. A great schedule is the start to an amazing semester, and a bad schedule could easily be your demise. I wish you all luck in creating your fate.

Jordyn Jones, Staff Writer

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