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Taking Care of Color Treated Hair

So after months of debating over the perfect hair color you’ve finally decided to dye your hair.  Naturally you’re excited and can’t wait to see your hair in that perfect new shade.  Don’t go rushing to mix that chemical mixture or make any hair appointments just yet.  It’s important to educate yourself on how to properly care for color treated hair.  Failing to do so can result in dry brittle and damaged hair in the long run.

First , start off with healthy strands.  If your hair is already damaged you don’t want to add any chemicals to the equation.  Furthermore, you won’t get an even natural looking result after coloring.  Do a deep conditioning treatment once a week for several weeks leading up to your hair color and make sure you trim any split or damaged ends.

After you dye your hair, wait 24 hours before shampooing and conditioning your hair so your hair had time to fully absorb your new hair color.  When you start to shampoo and condition your hair make sure you are using products that are specifically made for color treated hair.  Avoid shampoos that are meant for clarifying or treating dandruff.  However, any shampoo no matter how gentle will strip your hair of some of its color, so go as long as possible between washing.

Next have glaze added to your color at the salon or use an at-home product for similar results.  Glaze adds instant depth and shine to your hair without using chemicals.  If you use a color glaze you’ll add a hint of color and shine with each use.  A clear gaze doesn’t add color but will add the major shine that color treated hair really needs.

Finally, make sure you aren’t using any sneaky color strippers like products with alcohol as an ingredient.  Be careful when exposing your hair to any chlorine treated hair.  Wear a swimming cap or saturate your hair with non-chlorinated water before jumping in the pool.  Also UV rays can strip your strands of their color.  Wear hats for protection.

Source: http://www.misikko.com/color-treated-hair-care.html

Brandi Giles Editor, Health & Beauty

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