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Ladies Beware: D-Smoov might just sing his way into your heart


We caught up with this fresh new singer/rapper at Flykix’s in Atlanta, Ga and got an interview:

EEM: So, you’re a singer/rapper?

D-Smoov: Correct.

EEM: So how would you categorize your genre of music?

D-Smoov: I would say that it’s R&B-ish as well as new age hip hop with a little hip-hop rap. I’m also trying to bring back that 90’s type of feel in my music.

EEM: Well, that’s good because thats when music was the best.

D-Smoov: That’s very true.

EEM: Your mixtape was supposed to come out last Thursday, October 8th, right? What happened?

D-Smoov: Well, basically, we had to postpone it because of a lot of different stuff going on. We’re actually trying to put it on LiveMixtapes.com so it should be out no later than 2 weeks.

EEM: Okay, so what should your fans expect from the new mixtape?

D-Smoov: It’s a short 40 minute mixtape, 7 tracks, called Lucid Dreams: The 7th second theory. It basically has theory to it and it has a message of me telling people about myself. This is really just an opening up for who I am and I’m already working on my next project which should be coming out in January.

EEM: Cool, so what’s your real name?

D-Smoov: David Brown.

EEM: And how did you come up with your artist name?

D-Smoov: That came along because I was in a group recently, a couple years ago, and I realized that I  needed something with an expression so I decided to go with Smoov, but I didn’t really like that. I ended up putting  the D in front of it and people liked it and it was different.

EEM: What do you bring to the table as an artist that other artist don’t?

D-Smoov: I feel like what I bring to the table is something unique because I sing and rap and a lot of other artist don’t do that. I mean, Drake does (and Drake was conveniently playing on the overhead speaker as we were talking) but I’ve actually improved my signing and my rapping as two different parts of my artistry. The stuff I talk about is different too, like some artist talk about “I love you girl”  and I tend to talk about everyday stuff. I’m from New York so Northern Rap is what I like to do.

EEM: So, why did you decide to come to Atlanta?

D-Smoov: Well, I used to attend Albany State and that’s where I met my manager Drew. He started to connect me to TIG and said that he was going to relocate to Atlanta. I thought about staying in New York and doing it long distance, but I felt like if I were here in the city, it would work out a lot better.

EEM: How do you like Atlanta so far?

D-Smoov: It’s great. It reminds me of NYC and I live with Drew, so the past two months have been great. I just ran into Yung Joc down the street and it’s just crazy the people you see.

EEM: When did you 1st know you had a talent of singing and rapping?

D-Smoov: I had made a mixtape my freshman year of high school and it was trash, but people were encouraging me to get better. My mentor, George, told me I’m not good enough to be a singer right now and that was in the 7th grade. Once he told me that, I took the time to better my skills.

EEM: That’s good, well continue to get better and we’ll keep looking out for your stuff.

Look out for D-Smoov’s mixtape on his twitter: @TheRealDSmoov and we’ll keep you updated with the current status of this rising star.

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