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Fall is Here

As you’ve all noticed, fall has arrived! And it has brought its chilly breezes and changing color leaves with it. We all know what that means. It means that its time to pull out your boots and comfy sweaters and put away your tank tops and shorts. I can tell that almost everyone is more than excited for this time of the year. I can say that the only reason I am excited for it, is because of the wide variety of boots I get to choose from. So, in the spirit of fall and my growing collection, boots will be the topic. Also, because they can be a flattering piece of footwear, making you look taller or pulling your look together. Now, there are all different types of boots, here are a list of just few:


Ankle Boots

Knee-length boots

Riding boots

Cowboy boots

Thigh-high boots

But, of course those are not the only ones, that’s just a general overview! It’s hard to believe but boots can go into lots of detail and have specific names for specific types. And also, those boots come in specific styles and designs. Boots usually can look good with skinny jeans (by usually, I mean always!) And pairing certain pairs of boots with a dress can be a very cute outfit. The key is to make sure you fit the right outfit with the right boot. LOL.



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