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It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the…College Year!


It is October. The month of Fall leaves, candy corn, light sweaters, and pure bliss. Well, these are not the only perks about October. Guess what else is happening this month? This month is the beginning of Homecoming season! Every student is excited around this time, especially those who are in college. What makes this season so special is that this is the time for a school to unite and celebrate with one another by hosting different events and games.

What do you have planned for this Homecoming season?

Every school is different when it comes to planning their Homecoming week. Many schools have different parties, spirit rallies, parades, royal balls, Greek showcases, and other events to kick off the week. However, everyone knows that the biggest event is the football game. Not only are people excited to see their school win (or lose…), but this is also when the winners of the royal court are announced. The excitement of finding out if the people you voted for are going to win definitely gets the crowd hype. Seeing the crowning of the Homecoming King, Queen, Prince, and Princess has been a big tradition that  no one wants to miss.

So, before we get to these events what are you doing to plan for this week?

homecoming-300x199 (1)

Of course it is a must that you have your outfits picked out for each event. This is the week to dress to impress; there is no time for half-stepping! Also, if you are not interested in all of the events that are going on, you have to figure out the best ones that you will not want to miss. Do not forget to prepare your school spirit! What’s Homecoming week with no school spirit?

Make this year’s Homecoming a memorable experience by enjoying every bit of it. This is the time for you to celebrate your school and it’s alumni; make it count!

Michaela C., Editor of College Life

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