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A Garden, A Headband

Music Midtown. Tommorrowworld. These are only two of the major events that have occurred the past couple of weekends. While good music and good company were in attendance, a good outfit was never far behind. All this time, I’ve been telling you about clothes and how they work wonders but a new trending accessory has been brought to my attention! I have seen this accessory at various times around campus and in magazines, but I never thought it would turn into such a fad. Dying to find out what it is?? Flower head bands!                                                                                             Selena-Gomez-in-Flower-Headbandkylie-jenner-twitter-flowers

headddbandBeauty_TheLook_FlowerCrowns04 vanessa hudgens

The flower, the color, and even the make is all different when it comes to these things. This subtle hair piece makes a cute statement and makes you stand out in the crowd. You can find them skinny, fat, with small flowers or large flowers. These items can be easily found at boutiques or just at a local store (Wal-mart 🙂 ) Happy Flower Hunting.

2 responses to “A Garden, A Headband”

    • It really all depends on where you go. Most people go to boutiques, which can be pricey even for jewelry and headpiece. But you can go to department stores and most likely find the same thing and get a better deal. Never pay more than 10 dollars for head pieces. That’s insane lol

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