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Avoiding the “+15”

Typically what is being referred to as the “Plus 15” is called the “Freshman 15.” What most college students fail to realize is that “Plus 15” could happen to anyone, not just freshmen. What also seems to pass students’ minds is that it is easier than they think to live a healthy life while away at school.  Here are a few suggestions on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Eat Healthy!

If you do not eat healthy, you can kiss a healthy lifestyle goodbye. Although most college students would argue that their campuses offer somewhat “unhealthy” meal options, there is usually always a salad bar, vegetable, and/or fruit option included. Use your meal plan for what is worth and learn to work with the food options provided to create a healthier diet while in school.


  1. Hit the Gym!

Almost every college campus offers free gym services to students. If your college offers that, use it! According to Fitness Magazine, getting at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity will definitely be a positive contribution to your healthy lifestyle.


For those of you whose college does not offer free gym services, there are options for you as well! Get involved with a club or intramural sport. Go for a run, or start a running club. The options are truly endless, but it is up to you to be proactive.


  1. Get Sleep!

According to an article in The Independent Florida Alligator, “Researchers say — looking at you, students — that lack of sleep is terrible in the long run,” getting enough sleep is one thing that can contribute to a college student’s healthy lifestyle. Sleep deprivation can lead to one becoming sick in more ways than just the regular cold. If possible, avoid going to bed just hours before your class, and instead get at least eight hours every night.


Just remember without getting enough sleep, eating well, and working out on a regular basis you are bound to be a part of the “Plus 15” group. Applying the three tips above will definitely help with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as long as you are proactive and dedicated!


Here a few links with more ways to stay healthy while away at school:

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Cassidy Stratton, Staff Writer

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