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Drake’s New Album Has People In Their Feelings


As I informed you all before, Drake pushed his release date back to September 24th, but the album was leaked this past weekend. Before Drake released this album, he was being joked on for his “emotional side”. Now, the same people that were making fun of him are now crying along side Drake over their ex’s. The album features songs with Jhene Aiko, Detail & Jay-Z and they add a nice spice to Drake’s already potent rhymes.The good thing about this album in comparison to other new albums that have been released is that every song is unique. It provokes your ratchet side and your emotional side that sometimes gets tucked away. From what I’ve seen on Twitter, this has been named one of Drake’s best album’s and there has been nothing but positive reactions to the album. The future’s looking very promising for Drake and we are happy that he has finally alleviated our anticipation for this album to come out.

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