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Overcoming the Struggles of College Life

At times college can be stressful. Many students find themselves torn and confused with the everyday struggles that they face.   Although it seems crazy, there are ways to find a balance between both your academic and social life.

Time management is key. Being organized is very important to having a successful college career. You must know your limits. Only you can tell if your plate is too empty or too full.
Don’t overload yourself, and don’t judge your academic abilities or study skills based on someone else’s. After all everyone learns and studies differently.
Try creating plans and actually sticking to them. It is good to write things down and know exactly when there is an assignment to do or a game that you would like to attend.
And DON’T PROCRASTINATE. We all know that it is virtually impossible to write a 20 page essay overnight.  Remember to prioritize because what is most important should come first.
College doesn’t come easy for everyone so you must work hard to achieve the goals that you have set ahead of you.
Moe Denise, Staff Writer

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