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I have come to notice that unless something affects someone personally they tend to not give a dam. This is beyond a joke when people are crying and no one cares.

a little bit of empathy goes a long way, you don’t even have to know what to say. I cant understand why people don’t care yet when they are down they expect someone to be there. Everyone has pain, everyone hurts, everyone cries and everyone feels pain inside.

all it takes is to take a step back and place yourself in their shoes. most people have reasons for doing the things they do and a little compassion goes a long way. I have heard people telling others with mental illnesses that it is all in their head and they can stop it if they choose.

This infuriates me. People with mental illnesses do not  want to be that way.

That is why i am going to come out right now and say i have post traumatic stress disorder, i live with this illness everyday, i get flashback and nightmares (similar to what soldiers get post war). I am not ashamed to say i have this disorder. The reasons this come about is not my fault.  The shame and stigma associated with mental disorders needs to stop but the only way we can do this is t change our attitudes and become informed about what these people go through everyday

if anyone has any sort f issue they would like help dealing with and addressing believe me when i say i understand and can help

email me at tayjsha-advicecolumn.everythingexclusivemag@hotmail.com


2 responses to “dismissed”

    • sometimes there it is hard for someone to understand something they themselves have not gone through. it takes time but talk to your friends and family about what you are going through, maybe try to explain what happens and how it feels for you. or use a metaphor to help them relate? i hope this helps you xo

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