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Diversity vs. Division

racism            Many colleges and universities consist of a very diverse population. Schools of this sort usually contain people of different cultures and ethnicities. One would find that at numerous schools, most organizations are filled with members from different backgrounds. A student may even have roommates that are not the same race as them. So, is the factor of race differences still an issue even at a school that may have a lot of diversity?

What a large number of people fail to realize is that racism is not completely dead. Sometimes is may be hidden, but there are many who still witness unfair treatment due to the color of their skin. Unfair treatment is not just limited to African Americans, even though we tend to only focus on differences between Blacks and Whites. Racism lives within every race, culture, and country. However, are colleges exempt from this issue?

The answer is no. In many cases, professors will treat students differently because of what race they are. In other cases, organizations and clubs will deny membership due to color. These are not the only scenarios of mistreatment. There are many times where other races feel inferior because of different student unions or clubs that are formed to uplift one race. Many times these kinds of student unions are formed solely on the fact that these students feel negatively toward other races. There are only a few instances where an organization is formed to simply uplift the heritage of a specific race.

A lot of institutions offer ways for every culture to feel welcomed and appreciated by offering classes on specific cultures as well as different school organizations. However, many times this can be overlooked due to the students who feel that their race is the “right” race. When does this end? How will it end? The sad reality is that most likely there will always be individuals who feel hate towards other races. Even if a college is a melting pot of students, racism is very much alive everywhere you go.

Michaela C., Editor of College Life

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