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How to Fill In Your Eyebrows—the Right Way

Your eyebrows are arguably the most important features on your face.  They’re so expressive and they provide a frame for your eyes.  They give your face dimension.  Recently, many young women have taken advantage of the benefits of filling in their brows.  However, when you don’t fill in your brows correctly it can prove to be disastrous.  Here’s how to fill in your eyebrows so that they look more like yours.

First things first—your eyebrows need to be clean.  When I say clean I mean they need to be well groomed.  Get them waxed, threaded (or whatever suits you) every now and then.  It’s ten times harder to fill in unruly eyebrows.

Use an eyebrow pencil to fill in your brows.  You want to choose a shade that is close to your hair color but not too harsh.  My hair is dark brown and I tend to fill in my brows with a dark brown shade.  (MAC Eyebrow Pencil; Color- Spiked)  DO NOT use eyeliner; your brows will be too harsh.  DO NOT use the color black on your brows; black is much too harsh and makes your eyebrows stand out too much.

The first step is to trace the outline of your eyebrows.  Follow the natural arch of your eyebrows and do not go outside of it.  Use light, feathery strokes.

Next fill in spaces inside your outline that need it.  Once again use light, feathery strokes.  If you want you can go over your brows with a dark shaded eye shadow. (Again, NOT black)  Personally I tend to skip the eye shadow step.  Next trace the outside of your eyebrows with concealer using an angled brush.  Then blend.

Finally use a spool brush and brush over your eyebrows to blend everything together better and voila!  You’re finished!

When you’re in between eyebrow appointments and stray hairs start to grow in you can use concealer to hide them.  When it starts to get harder to conceal, it’s time for a wax.

If you need a visual, there are plenty tutorials on YouTube.  The tutorial closest to the directions I give in this article can be found through this link. –> http://youtu.be/HUJV8N6KveU

Brandi Giles, Editor of Health & Beauty

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