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The fall semester is upon us. Which means picking out those first week outfits are even harder and causes so much stress. The idea of being in a whole new class, with seemingly all new people can be such a frightening thought. Especially with this bi-polar whether that has made its way to us, it is best to have two outfits for each day. Preparing yourself, mentally and physically for the first week is nerve- wracking. But, never fear, it is all about confidence my friends. Exuding confidence is key, even in the most un-exciting outfit, confidence can make you seem like a million bucks. What look are you going for this semester? Are you going preppy? Boho? Punk? There are plenty more looks to go for this semester, you just have to know how to work it to make it work for you.

Key players in a prep look:

The blazer and the oxford button up, does alot for a girl given the right aura of confidence. The blazer gives you a look of importance while still letting you look girly and cute, depending on the cut of course. You can get a men’s blazer and still have a chic prep look. Placing a oxford button up shirt underneath or even wearing the shirt by itself with perhaps a pair of khakis would give you the casual prep you are looking for.

img-thing preppy-blazer











Key players in a boho look:

When going boho you want to look more to earthy tones, natural tones. Flowy skirts and shirts are good ways to go. Although when I say flowy, I do not mean baggy clothes and frumpy clothing. Sandals are always good shoe wear to entertain your chosen look. Also, large sunglasses could pull off you look, if you would like to bring it to home-plate!!!

heritage---venetian-red-forever--skirts~look-index-middle nicolerichie2-347x400


Key players in a punk look:

The punk can be hard to achieve, of course depending on your personality.  The look involves see-through clothing, various versions of black clothing, sometimes neons, bold stated patterns that seem to make a determined statement. Leather can be a cliche, yet you do see a lot of it within the punk dynamic.

punk-tank-top-etsy-559x780 zara-camisetas-stradivarius-pantalones-1~look-main-single FB3

key players in a casual/summer look:

This is a look almost any girl can pull off. It requires at tank and maybe some shorts or a cute pair of jeans. To spice it up, throw on a vest or maybe even a nice light cardigan. Nough said.

Casual-Black-Shorts-Outfit 241857442458117307lRlktW6rc selena-gomez-casual-outfits-01











❤ Allie Mitchell

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