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Rekindle the fire? Nah!

It’s that time of year again, time for school. A new school year means new chances for romance and relationships or possible the return of old relationships. What do you do if an ex wishes to return into your life, even just as a friend? Do you let them or do you shut them out indefinitely?

Like many questions, there are multiple answers depending on the person and the situation. There are four general break up scenarios.  One, you broke on bad terms, they did you completely wrong and you don’t wish to speak to them ever again. Two, you did not really have a blow out break up but the two of you mutually agreed that you were growing apart and it was that time to move on. Three, you did not even officially break up, you just stopped talking. Four, If they moved away and the distance was simply too much on the relationship. Depending on which break up you had can determine if you let them back in your life.

For scenario one, most likely you should break all communications with that person. They mostly came into your life for one reason and that was to teach a lesson. Once that lesson is learned its time to move on and let go. Even if they try to come back into your life as a changed man/ woman you should still keep them at arm’s length at all times. It’s alright to have an relationship with them on a acquaintance level where you can say hi and leave in peace when they are around but that’s it no further communication is required in this situation.

For scenario two, you definitely have the option to let them back into your life but don’t return into a romantic relationship right away. Treat it like a completely new relationship get to know them all over again to be sure that this new relationship will not be a waste of your time.

For scenario three, most likely, if they broke contact with you, you should leave them alone. If they did have the decency to address you and break up, they do not deserve your time. If you stopped calling them, then the same things goes for you, you are not worth their time. That’s the reality of the situation. You can not always play the victim.

For scenario four, there’s no question take them back. Not just as friend but into a relationship. If nothing was wrong with your relationship besides distance then they are deserving of a second chance.

Another factor that plays a role in this question is what would your friends say? Now if you told your friends everything that went wrong in your relationship they are not going to approve of them being back in your life. Sometimes your friends are right and you shouldn’t look back, but your friends did not have a relationship with this individual but so they don’t know everything about them and how they make you feel.

The saying goes, if you love something let it go, and if it comes back then you know it was meant to be. Be cautious of this saying, especially if that “person” goes to the same school as you or hangs around the same places you do. In this case, of course they are going to come back into your life. But also don’t take it for granted. Certain things happen for a reason.



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