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Summer/Fall Transition

The summer to fall transition can be hard on some people. And no it’s not because of allergies. It’s because the clothes and fashions are changing consistently, on the other hand, some styles tend to stay the same but with mild variations. I shake my head violently when people say that you can’t wear shorts in the fall or tank tops are a no-no. HAHA. Almost (ALMOST) anything can work in any season given the right transformation too of course fit that seasons climate change and its most recent trends. Here are two quick summer to fall transitions that can help you make it through the struggle the highly demanding fashion world. But of course that’s what I’m here for. Get ready for your first day of classes guys and make sure your wardrobes are up to date as well. 🙂


1.) “The Legging Shorts”: Shorts are yes the epitome of the summer. Well, that and tank tops. And more recently bandeaus. Well as we come to approach the fall, we have to be aware of our wardrobes. Invest in the some well-fitting leggings and match them with decent pair of shorts. Distressed shorts can work well, but depending on the outfit, un-shredded, non-faded shorts would probably work best.


2.) “Off the Shoulder Sweaters”: Some may say these are highly unflattering. But, come on, I believe the words “comfortably sexy” come to mind. And of course with any piece of clothing you have to make sure it fits you and your style. You don’t want overly-slouchy where it looks like you have NO business whatsoever wearing it. You still want to look cute and presentable. Also, these bad boys are comfortable to sleep in given the right material.

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Allie Mitchell ❤
*If anyone has any style/fashion questions, has a style story, has a DIY fashion project they would like me to feature please contact me from my email, alliemitch18@gmail.com*

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