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Tutorial: Fun Newspaper Nails!

images-27The summer is in full effect, which means its time to pull out all of  those bright, fun, and funky nail polish colors. However, why not kick it up a notch by adding some fun designs as well? Here is a quick and easy tutorial for doing your own newsprint nails!



  1.  Apply a base coat of polish to your nails.
  2. After the base coat dries, apply your grey or white nail polish. Then, wait for it to dry completely.
  3. Pour some of the rubbing alcohol into a small container. Once your nail polish has completely dried, dip one of your fingers into the alcohol for five seconds.
  4. Next, take a small piece of the newspaper and press it to your wet finger nail. Hold it there for about 20 seconds. When you remove the paper, the newsprint design should show up on your nail.
  5. Repeat steps three and four for the rest of your finger nails.
  6. The last and most important step is to apply a top coat of clear polish to your nails. This will  help the newsprint design stay intact, and also add a nice finish to the overall look of your nails.

This nail design is perfect because its sophisticated and classy, while being fun and quirky at the same time. The newsprint design can work on almost any color, so there are endless opportunities for you to make the look your own and showcase your style. So, the next time that you are looking to jazz up your nails, give this a try!

By: Raven Schley

Staff Writer

Health & Beauty

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