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Three Reasons Why Every Woman Should Have a Summer Fling!

531It’s the summer, summer, summer time!
Break out your tie die t-shirts, flip flops, sun block and lip gloss. If last summer was a drab for you, it’s probably because you didn’t have a boo thang to keep you company. Every woman can benefit from experiencing a summer fling at least once in her life. Take a look at the reasons below to see if you agree.
1. It’s temporary.
Imagine your summer being one big, long speed racing event. You have the opportunity to meet several guys with the option to spend time with the ones you like and/or X the ones that you don’t. For the guy(s) you like: be sure to tell him how you feel and that you’re only interested for the summer. Setting your expectations in the beginning will save you both a lot of time and potential heartache in the end. When the summer comes to a halt, and if you’re ready to move on without each other, bid the other fare well until next year. There won’t be hard feelings because, well, it’s just a summer thing!
2. It’s a learning experience.
Whether you encounter 2 or 20 guys, you have that many chances to learn the things that you do or don’t like in a man. Pay attention to things like the way he approaches you, how he’s dressed, and how/if he holds your attention within the first 5 minutes. Also, make a mental note of your responses to those things and determine if they’re accurate or not. This is a chance to learn what you want, or don’t want, from a man. This opportunity also allows you to learn about yourself and your part in the relationships you hold with men.
3. It’s fun!
Girls just want to have fun, right? This is true! So is the adage about women wanting and requiring much attention. One of the perks about having a summer fling is that you’ll be reaping in all the nice ties of an actual relationship. There will be a guy there to say nice things to you and provide companionship when you want and need it. Whenever you need a cuddle buddy (or someone to ride with you to a nudist camp), your boo thang will be there ready and waiting to touch. Take advantage of the compliments he’ll supply you with and save them for days that you’ll really need them. If you really like him, go on as many carefree fun-in-the-sun dates as you can. Be safe and most importantly, have fun.
Ariel Williams, Author

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