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When All Hope Is Lost

When you graduate from high school, receiving scholarships for college is one of the best feelings.  You tell yourself that no matter what, you will maintain these scholarships. College is easy for everyone, so maintaining scholarships should not hard, right? Well, the reality is college is not so easy for everyone. It is becoming easier and easier for college students, especially freshmen, to lose their monetary rewards due to numerous reasons. Family issues, personal issues, and a distracting social life can all be factors that lead to a downfall of grades.

“Even if you lose HOPE, do not lose hope!” This pertains to any type of scholarship. There are many alternatives for those who face this obstacle that many students do not know about. Talk to your financial aid’s office and ask them about other opportunities that are available for those who lack enough funds for school. The most important thing to remember is to study hard and work towards improving your grades. Some scholarships, such as HOPE, can be rewarded to a student again after the student reaches the required GPA at the checkpoint. Do not let your funds determine whether you stay in school or not. Seek a solution and do not lose hope!

Michaela C., Editor of College Life

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