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DIY: Make Your Own U-Part Wig

photo (26)U-Part wigs are wigs that allow you to leave out hair at the top of the wig.  It is sometimes called a Removable Sew-In because it resembles a full sew in.  It gives you the look and feel of a sew-in without the added maintenance.  Also you can reach your hair whenever you want.  Beauty supply stores are starting to sell u-part wigs but for the most part if you want one you will have to make it yourself. (Or find someone who can make one for you.)  However, making one yourself isn’t too difficult.

What you need:

A cap (To sew the hair on):  Use any cap you like.  I would recommend a nylon dome cap or a netted weaving cap.  My favorite is the Organic Customized Deluxe Weaving Cap.

Weaving needle & thread: Ask for this at the counter of any beauty supply store.

A wig head: Can be purchased at a beauty supply.

Sewing pins or thumbtacks


2-3 Packs or bundles of hair (Wefted): 2 for a finer look 3 for a full look


1.  Place the wig cap on the wig head and use the sewing pins or thumbtacks to keep the cap in place.  Pin the cap down on the edges on the left & right, and front & back.

2.  Starting from the bottom of the wig cap start to sew your hair of choice on the cap using the weft only.  Try as best as you can to keep the hair from getting tangled in the stitches.  To reinforce your stitches wrap the thread around the needle twice before  you pull the needle all the way through the cap.  Sew the tracks in straight lines going from right to left on the cap.  As you reach the edge of the cap fold the track over and start sewing in the opposite direction.  Avoid cutting the tracks.

photo (30) photo (29)3.  Once you reach the top start to lay the tracks in a U-shape, the opening should face the top front of the cap and should be       centered.  With each new row you start lay the track a bit forward so the “U-Part” will continue to decrease in size.  Continue to fold the tracks over at the edge and keep sewing until the space in the U is your desired size.  If you want to leave more hair out it will be large, if you want to leave a little hair out it will be small. photo (28)

4.  Once your u-part looks the way you want it cut any extra hair you don’t need off then make a knot around the end of the weft.  Then while leaving a little wiggle room around the stitches, cut off the remainder of the cap inside the “U”.

If you want you can sew wig clips onto your u-part so you can wear the wig without sewing it down.  If you don’t want to use clips just cornrow your hair in a simple pattern, and sew the wig down around your perimeter.  Let the hair you want to leave out come through in between the “U”, style as desired and you’re finished!

Need more of a visual?  Check out prettygyrl83’s tutorial on YouTube at http://youtu.be/hFHhRZOCmzM There are many tutorials on YouTube; people have different methods just do whatever method suits you best.  Good Luck and remember, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

Brandi Giles, Editor of Health & Beauty

3 responses to “DIY: Make Your Own U-Part Wig”

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  2. I’m looking into doing u parts instead of the traditional sew ins but I will sew on my u parts but I was wondering if I sew it on, how long will I be able to keep it in before I have to take it off? and how often would you wash your hair with it installed or do you just take it off and wash your hair? Sorry for all the questions lol

    • I appreciate your questions! 🙂 I sew in my u-parts and I keep it on for two weeks at a time. Then I take it off and wash, condition and deep condition before braiding it up and sewing my u-part back on.

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