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Diet Myth Discovery

I am a semi health nut and an article I came across this past week was very striking. The article was interview with cardiologist Dr. William Davis, who says that wheat is actually not a good diet food and that is the biggest contributor to obesity in America.Many diets stress eating more wheats and less fat (gluten free diet) but Dr. Davis believes that opposite. Eating more wheat can make you put on weight (ie carbs) and can the cause of several health related diseases. So is this true? I decided to research wheat and found out the truth.

Read the article here : http://articles.latimes.com/2013/feb/02/health/la-he-five-questions-davis-20130202

The research I found was all positive. Whole grains are really very healthy and good for you. However, the concern is that most wheat grown and processed by big farms is non- organic and has been refined and tainted to such a level that it hardly resembles the same grain which was grown cause these healthy affects. Wheat can be looked upon like diet soda. Diet soda is not really any much healthier than a regular Coke. Because it takes so much to process the soda into becoming a diet soda, the health aspect of it is lost, just like the wheat grain. Another theory I found while researching is that this whole “gluten free, wheat is bad for you diet” is just a fad. There are many health trends such a juicing , cleansing, water diets, you name it, there’s a diet for it; thus, many people are apperhensive to this news because it seems like everything we eat now is bad if it is not organic.

My take on this situation is to know what your  body can and cannot tolerate. If you notice that every time you eat wheat you become sick, stop eating it. If you don’t notice anything, don’t let all these articles and blogs scare you. Everyone’s body is different and we all can tolerate different things. For example, I am lactose intolerate. My body does not react well to diary products but for someone else, milk is the greatest thing on the planet. So get to know your body so you can decide what you should and shouldn’t eat!

Best Wishes,

Chasity Edwadrswheat

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