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To Fling, or Not To Fling? A Quick Guide to Finding YOUR Summer Fling

beach_heart_c-425x288Summer-summer-summer time; it’s time to sit back and unwind!
Summer is finally here; it’s time for beaches, pools, BBQ’s and summer love. Summer flings are awesome. Just about everyone has one at least once in their lives. Flings are fun and sometimes can go further than what you originally expected.
The best and most common place to grab a summer fling is the beach. If you’re hunting:
  • Wear your cutest swim suit. That doesn’t mean the smallest or most revealing one. Wear something that compliments your shape and makes your body look good.
  • Have a nice, simple hair-do. Don’t go crazy; you don’t need to look “prom fresh.” Remember you are at the beach-you’re outside! Braids, twist outs or wearing your hair straight or wavy should do.
  • Put on some soft, natural makeup. Key words: soft and natural.
(The key is to look nice, not thirsty.)
  • If you have a good body, and you know you do, do not be ashamed to show it! Girls go crazy over a nice six pack.
  • If you don’t want to show your body, that’s fine. Keep it locked up under some swagged-out clothes (a nice, bright summer shirt should help you to stand out).
  • Make sure your hair is well-groomed. Have a fresh cut. Touch up your dreads or braids. You can’t judge a girl with bad hair if your’s isn’t looking in order.
  • Display and practice good hygiene.
summer fling“What if I am in a relationship and we end up being apart for the summer? Is it okay to have a summer fling?”
The answer depends on your relationship with your partner. If you have been with someone for a long time and you really like the person, the real question should be: why do you want a summer fling? It’s understandable if you miss your partner and miss their comfort and to want a cuddle buddy, but if you have a good thing, don’t ruin it. Resist that moment of weakness.
If you are in a new relationship and have feelings for them, but you aren’t entirely sure if it will last, or if you simply want to try something new while you are apart, by all means, have your summer fling. BUT you have to tell your partner that those are your intentions so that there are no secrets and no conflicts at the end of the summer. You also have to tell your summer fling that you have someone back home. The more you communicate, the better. It may seem awkward and you may not want to hurt anyone, but honesty will help everyone out in the end if you are open from the beginning.
A problem may result if you develop strong feelings for the summer fling. If this happens take a break from him/her and analyze yourself. Determine if these are real feelings or if it’s simply the lonely man/woman inside of you that is loving the attention. If the feelings are real, weigh out the possibilities of that relationship and determine which partner you should dedicate a relationship to.  Truly think about your decision to avoid making the wrong choice.
Finally, if you are single, go ham! Have fun, and who knows? They could end up being the one.
Summer flings are meant to be fun, romantic and blissful. If your fling is causing you stress, drop them. It is not worth it.
Have a fun, safe summer. Happy Hunting!
Tabia Wade, Editor of Love and Relationships

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