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Get lips like Azealia Banks with these three lipsticks!


If you are a fan of the female rapper, Azealia Banks, then you know that the dark plum colored lips that she sports on a regular basis are simply to die for.

In 2012 the New York native teamed up with MAC Cosmetics to released her highly anticipated lip stickYung Rapunxel,” which allowed all of Banks’ fans as well as other women to attain those same  plum lips that they had admired on her. However, the lipstick was only sold for a limited time and has since then been discontinued.

Although the “Yung Rapunxel” lipstick is no longer available, there are still other lipsticks  out there that allow women to achieve the same look.

1. The first alternative is a lipstick called “Cyber.” This lipstick is another product sold by MAC Cosmetics, and it can be found at both the online and retail stores. Cyber is a Satin lipstick that goes on as a deep purple and it gets darker the more it is applied. Women who want this look can purchase this lipstick for $15.


2. The second alternative is a lipstick from the  “Lasting Finish by Kate Moss” collection  by Rimmel London. The   lipstick goes by the number “04” and it is a creamy and highly pigmented lipstick that will give women that deep plum look that they want. What makes this lipstick unique is its ability to stay on for long periods of time. It is able to stay on for up to eight hours, and it only cost $5.


3. The Third and final alternative comes from the Queen collection by Covergirl, and it is called “Fine Wine.” This lipstick is another long lasting lipstick, and it is also very moisturizing and pigmented. So it has a flawless finish when it is applied. This product cost about $5.


Each of these lipsticks are great alternatives that will allow women to attain flawless and luscious plum lips similar to those of Azealia Banks, at great prices. So check them out the next time you go lipstick shopping!

– Raven Schley

Staff writer, Health & Beauty

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