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Beat the Summer Heat!

It’s getting hot out there…am i right?

When summer time hits, its best friend is always right on its heels. It goes by the name of The Sun. Its rays are beating down on your skin and you began to get that unintentionally tan just by down the street. The worst part? You don’t think that it will matter about clothes since you’re going to be sweating every time you go outside. Well, ladies…the solution is right here and it’s actually quite simple.

These simple outfit choices will make you the hottest thing since..well…the sun… 😉

lace bandeau

Not saying that they ever left, but bandeaus are making a remodeling comeback. Lace is becoming a new trend with all articles of clothing. Bandeaus are jumping on the bandwagon of the lace trend, seen here with this lace bandeau from Wet Seal. These bandeaus come in all different colors and of course the lace makes for a very different type of look than regular solid bandeaus. You get a fun but chic vibe from the lace of these types of bandeaus. And they also give you a girly boost. But lace does tend to give off that feeling..

While we are talking about lace. Lace is making its way from our chests to our legs.

Lace shorts are showing up in any and every store it can get its hands on. While all the those other girls will be wearing simple denim shorts, or even colorful denim shorts..you will be making a huge fashion difference by rocking these bad boys from Aliexpress.com.lace shorts Of course these shorts come in plenty of different colors. These shorts scream “Yes, it’s summer  time!” Obviously, to complete these shorts you have to pair it will a cute top, perhaps a baby doll top or a simple v-neck t-shirt with a long chained necklace. You can dress them up or down. These have  the ideals of turning into the next “girls best friend”…well, behind diamonds of course 😉

crop tops

A good thing to pair with those shorts is a something that covers up a “teeny” bit more than a bandeau. It’s call a crop top. I mean you didn’t work at the gym all that time to cover up your finished product. Crop tops, like this one from American Eagle, bears the midriff, but gives you that maybe one centimeter more coverage than bandeaus, also most crop tops have straps unlike bandeaus, which can sometimes make all the difference. Ask any girl. Crop tops also go well with long or short skirts, or you can get a casual look by wearing high-waisted shorts, so maybe your not showing as much stomach. Whatever’s comfortable.

Lastly, everyone loves dresses. Sometimes you just want to get your girlfriends together and have a nice night in the summer evening heat. And a nice summer dress, could put you in-between super fancy and dressed down. Summer dresses tend to flatter and are usually flowy and goes wherever the wind takes it..ok ok..summer dresses make you look awesome.flowy dress You wanna catch attention? Grab a dress with a color-blocking or a dress with an interesting pattern, like the one to the left. Not saying that simple design-like dresses are wrong. Especially, if it’s a bright color. You’ll shine so bright, the sun will be jealous of you.

Allie Mitchell ❤

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