Everything Exclusive Magazine:

To the Beach..

By: Allie Mitchell

School is over. The sun is out. And you have been working hard for the summer beach bod.

Now it’s time to show it off… You didn’t do all that work for nothing

It’s time to grab some friends, pile in the car, and head to the beach. Or at least to the pool. Whatever, your plans are you need some hot gear to go along with your hot attitude.

Here are some hot styles that will catch the eye of any hottie…

This bathing suit from Aeropostale is not only reversible, but it the pink on black makes for an excellent color contrast.

aeropostale bathing suit

Also, this bathing suit from Victorias Secret gives off a cute vibe, but also lets off a slightly sexy factor.

2010 0405 Victorias Secret Polkadot Swim Suit

  Lastly, for those that are a little stomach shy, there are sexy one piece bathing suits as well.
one piece
Any one of these bathing suits will catch the eye of all your friends and maybe even get that cutie to come over and say hello. 😉




Of course you need bathing suits, but you also need adorable accessories to accent.

A pair of sunglasses, a colorful beach bag, and cute flip flops are always the cherries on top.


20090725-lacoste-summer-holiday-beach-bagflip flops


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