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SONG REVIEW: Beyonce’s “Grown Woman”


Beyonce’s grown and she cant do whatever she wants, right?…

The 17 time Grammy winner is back for a mean walk with vengeance this go ’round. A year and a half later after birthing her daughter Blue Ivy, Beyonce returned to the center of attention in the pubic eye with her $50 million endorsement deal with Pepsi, her monster Super Bowl XLVII Half-time performance, her launch of a summer line with clothing store H&M, plus a world tour (The Mrs. Carter World Tour), and so much more that my memory can’t recall all of the recent happenings that the singer has been engaging herself in. So what does all of this mean for new music I ask, as a fan of her music. Well, my question has been answered with the release of the official version of “Grown Woman.”

The world was teased with a 1 minute snippet of the song in her Pepsi “Mirrors” commercial and since its debut fans have been weighing their thoughts on the track. Here’s my take:

The good: The song punches a mean ass beat! Produced by Timbaland, “Grown Woman” shuffles in classic Timbaland, and for that the beat is infectious and contagious from start to finish. It carries a melodious tone that leaves room for imagination for several different possible video concepts. Timbaland hasn’t lost one touch of magic that mounted the career of the late Aaliyah.

The cultivation of sounds is intriguing. The songs flares a bit of hip-hop with the Snoop Dogg  sampled verse from “Ain’t No Fun (If The Homies Can’t Have None), ushers in some  remnants of jazz, and oozes with pop, and makes for one argumentative mention of a tribal culture sound too.

The confidence. After having  their first child, most women feel either insecure of their image, or on the other hand Beyonce feels even more secure , and empowered. In the song with the refrain “I’m a grown woman, and I can do whatever I want” the singer is heard on a studio track confident and sassy reminiscent of the  B’day era.  Judging by the  aggressive “Bow Down” and now “Grown Woman” Beyonce may totally be 100% more comfortable in her skin with her music and what she will say in a song.


The bad: The song is a bit overwhelming and tiresome. Coming in a bit over 5 minutes long, Beyonce boasts about being a “grown woman” and doing “whatever she wants” over and over, and frankly after the first 2 minutes of the song, I’m tired of hearing the refrain.

It seems highly similar in sound to her Rich Harrison produced “Crazy In Love” smashed with “End of Time” and ultimately iced with “Run The World (Girls).”  The song produces a  go-go retro sounds  respectfully, but the lyrics don’t coat the production at all.

First single choice?  The song by no means should be lent as the lead single for a forthcoming album for Beyonce. As a follow up to 4 with genius scopes into lyrical depth and vocal soul, “Grown Woman” offers nothing striking in the lyrical sense, nor in the vocal ability.

Lastly, the urban slang and “hood-country” talk. We’ve all grown to love Beyonce when she’s a bit “ratchet” but the slang this time around should be left out. You’re a mother now, Bey.


Overall, the track offers a variation of sounds that ensures for summer 2013 fun. The mixture of quick runs and vocal backgrounds from Beyonce  attests to her talent to composing of music and reminds one of her Destiny’s Child harmonies . I just wish the song spoke more on  something less feminist, but hey, Beyonce has always been about  catering to the ladies, right?

Listen below, if you haven’t checked out the track yet. Beyonce storms the U.S. this summer with her  The Mrs. Carter World Tour.

-Wil Rivers


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