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To Thrift or Not To Thrift

To Thrift or Not to Thrift….That is the question

Goodness Efobi


This week I want to address a topic that sparks many different reactions.  When a lot of people thinking of thrift store shopping, they just think old.  I am here to tell you today to change that outlook. 

 Thrifting is like treasure hunting.  When you go thrifting, don’t expect to have amazing things jumping out at you.  You have to search carefully.  When you actually search you will find many amazing things at that store.  Items that you will never expect to find there and items that would be very expensive at most stores, you will find at the thrift store. 

 Trust me; I was once against thrifting until I went for myself.  From the first day I shopped at a thrift store I found pieces that I love till today.



    I will talk about thrift store shopping for clothes and thrifting for accpssories, and I will use personal pictures to show how awesome thrifting can be.

   When you go clothes shopping at the thrift store, you have to open your mind up to the possibilities of what you can find.  I have found pieces from DKNY, Ann Taylor, Ralph Lauren, and many many more.  You can find clothes at the thrift store that you can turn into statement pieces. Here are some examples of outfits created from thrift store pieces


     You can also shop for accessories at the thrift store.  You will find awesome genuine leather bags and belts and you will also find amazing truly vintage jewelry.  I have often found 100% Gold earrings from the thrift store.  These pieces are ones that I have not found in any other store.  I have also bought my fair share of bags and belts, most of which are genuine leather.  Here are some of the accessories I have found at the thrift store


     Hopefully after reading this article, many of you    will open your mind to the art of shopping at the thrift store.  There are many wonderful things in those stores for you if you just open up and search for it.  It is great because you can find all these amazing pieces all for fewer than ten dollars.  There 
are a lot of thrift stores around that you can shop at but some of the best ones are Value Village, The Salvation Army, Park Avenue Thrift Store, and Rag-O-Rama.

Happy Thrifting

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