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Goodbye College, Hello World!

It’s spring and we all know what that means. It is time for the biggest moment in a college student’s life, spring graduation! After taking numerous courses and spending countless hours trying to prepare for this moment, it is finally within your reach.

9757abfa49f611e2914322000a1f984e_7Happy is an understatement for how undergraduates who are preparing to make this step are currently feeling. However, this time can also be scary for many who either have no plans upon graduation or even those who may simply be afraid of what the real world has in store. It is a major step from being dependent to becoming an independent adult.

Quite often college students get consumed in the lifestyle of always having something to fall back on that they tend to forget that in the adult world it is not always that easy. It is always important to have a plan set for after graduation. Even if your plan changes throughout the course of college, at least you have options. Do not be the student that is not excited about graduation because they do not know what is next.

So, let this time be a wonderful experience for you. If you are not yet graduating and do not a plan, get started now. Make your graduation day the best day of your life!

Michaela C., Editor of College Life


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