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Georgia State’s Panther Palooza 2013

44da27789fa911e2999e22000a1f8afc_7This year, Georgia State University has proven to be one of the best schools in Georgia. The school’s event staff, Spotlight, put together a show that brought out hundreds of students and guests. The event is held every year and it is called Panther Palooza. Why was this year so special? One of the hottest rappers in the today’s industry, Kendrick Lamar, was the headlining artist for the event. Not only was he performing, but singer Elle Varner opened the show. Need more reasons? Along with these guests, some other artists made an appearance. Kendrick Lamar brought out rappers School Boy Q, Problem, and even Young Jeezy.

d7333a129fa711e291b222000a1f98fa_7The anxiety for this concert was very evident. Some ticket holders were in line from 11:00 am until the show actually began. Many people were even buying tickets after the show started. It was pretty clear that GSU has a lot of Kendrick fans.

From the start of the concert until the end, the crowd was hype and the energy was incredible. Many students had an experience that they will remember for a lifetime. The audience was definitely not disappointed. Saying that this event was a true success is an understatement because this show was one for the history books.

Michaela C., Editor of College Life

Photo Credits: Curtesha Reid

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