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Body Lotions: Tailored to Your Skin Type

photoNormal, sensitive, combination, Dry, oily, there are so many different skin types so how do you know which lotions are beneficial to you? Here are some lotions that are good for you depending upon your skin type.

Normal: Normal skin is not to dry but not to oily. This skin usually has no or few imperfections and has no visible pores. Any type of lotion can be used really with this type of skin. I would recommend Eucerin Daily Replenishing Lotion. This will leave you skin filling moisturized with a fresh light scent.

Sensitive: A tale tell sign of sensitive skin is if a product is applied and it causes burning, itchy, or red skin.  People with sensitive skin can only use certain products while cleansing and moisturizing. I personally use the Vaseline Total Radiant Lotion. This will leave your skin feeling so smooth and many have never broken out from using this product.

Combination: Combination skin is skin that is a mixture of two or more of these skin types. Combination skin can produce blackheads, shiny skin, or overly huge pores. This one is hard to say which lotion to use but look at your skin combination and pick a lotion according to your combination.

Dry: Dry skin is skin that has a very dull rough looking complexion. The cause of dry skin can vary from weather to genetic factors.  I personally have dry skin.  For this type of skin, Cetaphil is the best choice. This lotion is specifically for dry skin.  Eucerin Intensive Care is my favorite.  The thick consistency does wonders for my dry skin.  Stay away from scented lotion; they don’t moisturize dry skin as well as they should.

Oily: Oily skin is skin that has enlarged pores. Usually the skin is shiny and pimples or blackheads are visible. Oily skin can be caused by the weather, puberty, or stress. For this type of skin, you should use any Aveeno Lotion. This lotion has a lot of natural ingredients that are great for the skin and won’t linger in your pores.

I myself, have been on the lotion journey with my skin for years and I’ve finally found a lotion that leaves my skin smooth and looking radiant. I hope this was helpful and your skin journey can come to an end.


Brandi Giles, Editor of Health & Beauty

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