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Simple Ways to keep Him Happy

Men don’t require much work. In fact, they’re a lot easier to deal with than women give them credit for. Most men appreciate a dedicated woman who simply has his back and wants to take care of him. In comparison to women’s requirement criteria, this isn’t so bad. If you’re having “man trouble” or are looking in the meat market, (re)play these three simple ways to keep your man happy. Mastering these tips will lay an awesome foundation for your relationship and hopefully create positive communication for you both.


  1. Don’t Nag. Women are naturally maternal and nurturing. That’s by design. Women also tend to turn small things into big things, over exaggerate and over expect things from their men. That’s not by design, but is a little selfish and insecure. Nagging is one of the quickest ways to lose your man. Imagine being at a barbeque eating the best ribs and potato salad south of the Mason Dixon line with a huge mosquito setting up shop in your ear. No matter how much fun you’re having; no matter how good the music sounds; no matter how good the food is: If those mosquitos keep attacking, you’re grabbing a to-go box and fleeing. Don’t be that mosquito in your man’s ear. When you feel yourself about to nag, think of a better way to communicate the problem. Also, make sure that when you’re expressing your concern that his mind is in a receiving mood. Avoid discussing relationship issues during his extracurricular activities like when he’s watching a game, playing a game (PS2 or basketball with the guys), having drinks or sleeping. Men love peace!


  1. Feed Him. You’ve worked 8 to 10 hours today. You’re hot, ready to go home, and you’re hungry. News flash: SO IS HE! They say the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. When going this route, make sure you’re putting good food in it. Men appreciate a hearty, home cooked meal every once in a while. Cooking is one of the simplest ways to show that you care. If you’re not the best cook, keep trying. You’re bound to snag an A for effort. Look online for simple starter meal recipes and go from there, girl.


  1. Sex Him Often. This should go without saying, right? In case you need a reminder, remember to fondle your guy as often as you can. Be creative and spontaneous; ask what his fantasies are and bring them to life. And if he doesn’t have a preference, a naughty school girl never hurt anybody! Don’t be one of those foolish women who wait to please their man – sexually and orally- on their birthday or anniversary. In an attempt to keep your man’s attention, make it your business to get busy. Period. Couples sometimes lose their sexual spark after being together a few years. Remind him that you’re still a pro at pulling off that move he craves. Aside from you also getting yours, rekindling your sex life offers several health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, burning calories, lowering stress, and boosting immunity. Of these three tips, this one should be the most fun!



Have fun and be safe!


By Ariel Williams

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