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Healthy Ways to Boost Your Energy

When you’re feeling drained the easy thing to is to pick up an energy drink or energy shot.  These products are usually filled with empty calories and they always come with a catch; which is a huge crash.  There are much better, natural ways to give yourself an energy boost.  It may require a change in diet, a change in your daily routine, or both.

Reach for energy snacks! Snacks that contain whole grain and fiber like granola bars will give you an instant energy boost—and it will last!  Peanuts are also a great snack that will give you energy.  The combination of a protein and a complex carbohydrate increases the level of glucose in your blood in a natural and healthy way.  Your general diet can increase your daily energy levels as well.  Starting and ending your day with high fiber meals will keep you alert and focused.

Taking breaks and pacing also helps to increase your energy when feeling weary.  Taking a break from whatever you’re doing and clearing your mind can be really rejuvenating.  Studies show that when you take short breaks throughout the day you actually accomplish more.  An even more effective method, would be taking a ten minute walk.  It will completely revitalize you and you will be ready to tackle any task.

While energy drinks come in handy sometimes, it should never be the solution you choose anytime you are feeling tired.  Keep these tips in mind the next time you need an energy boost.


Brandi Giles, Editor of Health & Beauty

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