Everything Exclusive Magazine:

Spotlight | Whitney White

PScoverName: Whitney White

City: West Palm Beach, FL

Listen: “P.S., I Still Love You”

Due to the decline of R&B music, it’s not very often that Everything Exclusive gets to spotlight the vocals of aspiring singers. Inspired by legends such as Whitney Houston, Etta James, and Mariah Carey, Florida native Whitney White has a voice and sound all her own. Although she took a seat from the limelight for three years to perfect her songwriting skills, Whitney is back on the music scene with her latest release, “P.S., I Still Love You.”

While Whitney started her music career as a proficient violinist at the age of 10, she quickly traded in her strings to focus on her vocals at the age of 14 and has been singing ever since. Her appreciation for classical music has stayed with her throughout her career and is evident in songs such as “Memories Never Made” and “Do You Still Love Me.” Her talent has allowed her to perform in venues all over the world including La Romana in the Dominican Republic and 169 Bar in Manhattan, New York. Through her voice, drive and dedication, Whitney is hoping to not only collaborate with other artists but also to perform with and inspire them as well.

To contact Whitney White:

Giselle B., Editor of Music

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