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A Hot, Sexy, Scandalous and Smashing Mess! ….TV Review on Scandal, Season 2, Pt. 2


Still, almost a year later after its season 1 pilot debut in April 2012 there is plenty left to be said about Scandal. Face it, people, Thursday nights on ABC are just invigorating. If you have yet to follow suit with watching this show then I pose the question: what are you waiting for? A personal invite from the cast themselves?…No, Kerry Washington will not be personally inviting anyone to watch her latest endeavor in which she stars the leading role. In the meantime, a review of the current show happenings will have to suffice.

Picking right up where we left off with the show review in November 2012, Scandal has then went on to air 11 more episodes, and the best part of season 2 is that it is not over yet. Taking a “Winter Hiatus” from the network for three weeks in December 2012 the show returned with instant drama, sex, and deceit.

Refraining as much as possible from plot spoiling I will do my best by excluding heavy plot description, but the bare minimum plot happening has to be discussed.

Returning from its mini hiatus, the show displayed the President of the United States of America being fatally shot in the head, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) sparking an old flame with an ex-beau of hers, getting proposed to from him (and not to mention turning the proposal down only to be left heartbroken because of wanting her love affair with the President to continue), to The First Lady of the United States going into labor early to save her marriage, to Huck, one of Olivia Pope’s Associates being framed as the shooter of the President of the U.S., to another Olivia Pope Associate, Abbie sleeping with one of Olivia’s rivals, to so much more jam-packed drama that if I disclose anymore, those who have yet to catch up on the show would be displeased with if I were to share.

Now what I really want to speak my mind with is the inconsistent show airings. I do not know if it is ABC, Shonda Rhimes, the head director and creator of show, but whomever it is something needs to stop. Scandal is a regularly ran show, Thursday nights at 10 pm EST, however, that has not always been happening. About three times now since the return from its brief hiatus there has been a week off where there will either be no new episode at all or an encore of a past episode. The explanation being TV programming specials airing during the same slot….Well where is the creative and executive control of Shonda Rhimes? Does she have any with ABC Networks? How come Grey’s Anatomy (Shonda Rhimes production as well) that airs one hour before Scandal does not see the same week-off scheduling? All questions I, along with the millions of other viewers, want answers to. Are the producers even finished filming season 2 and they’re using the week-off due to TV programming specials as a cover up? (Whatever is happening I want it to stop.) I suppose I will catch up on homework, or the rumored Scandal bite-off show Deception that stars Meagan Good on NBC, Monday nights at 10 pm EST.

On a side note, get into this racy promo video titled “Silence Can Heal” for Scandal that aired during the 85th Annual Academy Awards in late February 2013…it is sure to spark a flame within.

 Wil Rivers, Editor of Reviews

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