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Get Fit & Keep Money in Your Pocket

Before and Now.. Still more to come.One of the main reasons young people don’t eat healthier food is because, it’s just too expensive– some may think. I am a college student, and know first hand how hard it is to stay away from that three dollar pizza. In October 2012, I adopted a healthier lifestyle, and traded in the pizza for a salad instead. Since then, I’ve lost over 40 pounds, and stuck to my college girl budget.

One way that kept money in my pocket was not signing up for a ten dollar a month gym membership. The cost may seem minor, but when you have to buy books, lab kits, etc, that ten dollars can buy a few good meals. If your school has a gym, you can always use its facilities. What do you think the student activities fees are for? If you do not have a gym at your school, there are tons of YouTube exercising video websites. People that like to get outdoors, can go for a run at the local park; or take a swim at their nearest YMCA.

Living a healthier lifestyle has definitely saved me money. Instead of using my money to order pizza, I would go to the super market and buy food that I had to cook. (We have a kitchen in our dorm). Meals that I prepared will last a week; unlike the pizza, which lasted two days. When I was a freshman I ordered out daily, because it was “fast and simple”. I found out “fast and simple” put fifteen plus pounds on me in a two-three month period. If your dorm has a kitchen get acquainted with it; if it does not; try the healthier foods in the cafeteria or dining hall.
Another thing that is very important is sleep. Sleep takes care of your mind and body. It allows you to recuperate from day to day activities. The brain is composed of 70% water, your lungs are nearly 90% water, and lean muscle tissue contains about 75% water; our bodies need water. It helps keep you hydrated and flushes out toxins and wastes.

I am still on this journey towards a healthier self; it has been long; but I can tell you, “IT IS WORTH IT”
If you have any question you can comment below.

Regine Amos

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