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Work Hard, Play Harder


Are you the typical broke college student? Do you call mom and dad every other weekend for extra cash? Are work-study and internships not enough? It’s no fun being in college with no cash. There are countless ways to get, save, and earn money while in college, these are called side hustles. Whether you’re looking to earn some extra cash, balance between book and grocery funds, or just save for nights out on the town a side hustle can be very convenient. Here are a few side hustles that can easily be done while in school:

  1. The Old-Fashioned Way: Use the outlets around you. The quickest and most familiar job is to become a babysitter, dog sitter or house sitter, it may seem outdated but many people still need them. It’s better and also safer to stay within the range of friends, family, professors, or employers; every now and then I’m sure someone will need your labor. As a student it’s a great job, you can study, eat, and watch television all in one setting while getting paid for it.
  2. Use your Brain: Are you good in a particular subject? Did you take a difficult class and pass? Many students are willing to pay for tutors that guarantee them knowledge and understanding. Most universities have tutors already but by advertising and demonstrating how well you did in a particular subject puts you above the rest. A local tutoring agency for school-aged children is also a good outlet. It gives you an opportunity to work with children while making $10 an hour or more.
  3. For Sale: A new trend is the selling of Virgin Hair Extensions. Many companies sell their supplies in bulk for a cheap price. Buying then reselling the hair to willing consumers is an excellent side hustle. You’re giving consumers what’s hot on the market and what they really want. You can also sell old books in the beginning of the semester, there is always a need for them and bookstore prices are out of this world.
  4. Donate a Pint: Donating plasma is the quickest way to earn money. If you’re in good health donating a pint of blood can get you up to $30. Before donating drink plenty of fluids and eat. Don’t take on any strenuous tasks throughout the remainder of the day. “Donate, get paid, and relax.”
  5. Use your Talents: One of my personal favorite side hustles is doing hair, make-up, and styling. Being in college you have to find a new stylist if you’re not near home. Many women like to keep it simple and get braids, two-strand twists, hair sewn-in or a relaxer. Men also like to keep a nice shave, clean braids, and neat dreads. Of course it’s illegal to do hair unlicensed, so I’m not telling you to do anything illegal, but if you have the talent use it *wink, wink*.

These are just a few examples of familiar side hustles. There are many more that you can use. It’s no fun being a broke college student so why not explore different possibilities. Just be aware there are scam artist out there who understand your struggle and will use it to their advantage. No more phone calls home, “Work hard, Play harder!”

Rina E., Author

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