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Question: Why Do Men Lie?   (asked by Shaniqua Eason)

Women!!!  How many times have you asked yourself this question? How many times have you and your girlfriends pondered on this very subject? In this day and age it’s quite often, right? Well here are some very honest, straightforward  accounts surveyed from various discussions with your male counterparts.

1. We really don’t want the extra drama or theatrics.
Honestly, some of us don’t want to hear the fussing, fighting, and griping over something, whether it be us not doing what you told us to do in the first place, or even something as big as infidelity.

2. We see no positive outcome.
NO MAN wants to subjectively and voluntarily put himself through hell, when he believes it can be avoided with a little white lie. In our heads it’s called “Common Sense” at least until we get caught in the lie.

3. We really don’t want to hurt you
Almost any “Real Man” never wants to see his woman in tears, have her distance herself away from him, or have her mad at him for the matter. As a dude we know women can be very emotional creatures and feel that we have to be delicate of everything we say to make sure  it doesn’t set you off the deep end.

4. To leave a good impression
Though it sounds really petty, dudes really want to make themselves more than what they are by embellishing on some facts of their life to make them seem more attractive in your eyes.

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