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Tips To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Summer of 2013 is quickly approaching, before we know our coats and sweaters will be replaced with swim suits and shorts. Although the summer season is right around the corner there is still time to get to that dream body that you’ve always wanted.
First thing to do is give yourself a realistic goal and time limit. No, you’re not going to lose 30 pounds overnight, but if you stick to your plan you will definitely see results before you know it. Secondly eat better and keep the motto “Eat to live don’t live to eat” in the back of your mind. Now, we all days where we really crave junk food. That’s okay just don’t eat the whole tub of ice-cream or the whole bag of chips. You could even try frozen yogurt or veggie sticks as a replacement for that sweet or salty craving. It’s very important to eat a good healthy breakfast every morning; it will keep you full throughout the day. You should also pack small healthy snacks with you to avoid fast food stops. Lastly, you need to get out and exercise.  Go for a run, a swim, or go to the gym. Invite friends and make it fun, and in no time you will be in your dream body for the summer!
Remember don’t get discouraged if you slip up and have cheesecake or forget to exercise, just remind yourself why you are doing this and push forward. Always remember to keep your head up and know you can do anything you set your mind to.

Regine Amos

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