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Resting Your Body and Mind

As a college student, I know that studying consumes your life. It’s like you wake up, study, eat, study, go to class, study in between your next class, eat, study, go to bed and the cycle repeats its self. Then on top of studying, many students have 1-2 jobs, internships, and/or extracurricular activities. This can be very overwhelming to the mind and body if you don’t allow some resting time for yourself.

What I do to keep a peace of mind with school work and things in my personal life is to meditate. Meditating is when you take maybe 15-20 minutes out of your day to just sit in silence and wash all your stress away. There are many reasons why people meditate such as religious aspects but you can interpret and mediate for your own reasons. Personally, it allows me to release all the pressure and stress of school and work. Secondly, mediating helps me to revive my mind, my body, and my soul (This is another topic within itself). If I had a long demanding week at school or just been through a stressful situation within my personal life, mediating helps me get to the finish line and to see another week. A good meditation session will bring positive energy levels and will make the rest of your day go a lot smoother. It’s like my body is an IPhone and I’ve hit the 10% maker but once I mediate, I’m fully charged and everything I’m doing after the session becomes more sufficient and effective. Meditating really just puts life back into perspective and makes you feel wonderfully recharged and in charge!

Meditating is easy to do. You can easily mediate anywhere that is quiet and serene. You can go to http://www.vipassanadhura.com/whatis.htm which is a very good website to learn the true ins and outs of mediating. Although this site is a Buddhist society, you can be a non-Buddhist and still learn about the practice of mediating.

I promise, if you give meditation a try you won’t regret it. You’ll feel at peace with everything and everyone around you! Put those books down, sit Indian style, and begin the journey of true tranquility.

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Chasity Edwards

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