Everything Exclusive Magazine:

The Big Transition

A transition from High School to College without anyone to transition on the journey with you is hard. You’re faced with making new friends, meeting new people, being accustomed to different situations, or sometimes just being a loner.

It’s hard to maintain any kind of relationship including friendships. You’re told that the friends you had in High School will be scarce in College. Not the case for many people including me. The best advice I could give is to just be yourself. Branch out and network while in College. Having a well rounded personality, being easy to talk to, and a great listener are wonderful qualities to have.

Some more small advice to making friends is get involved. You want to be able to remember your college years and have something to go back and tell you’re children in the future. Get involved and brand yourself. There are plenty of interesting clubs and organizations on college campuses, use your resources. And don’t forget community service with friends every now an then.

Friends are not hard to come by and it’s great to have someone to journey the world with. Just be yourself and the rest will come natural.

Rina E., Author

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