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Professional Women Sports Teams and Other Newly Developed Leagues: A Fan’s Perspective

There are female sports teams that are engaging in serious competition of full contact sports and wearing overly exposed uniforms leaving less to be desired for the professional sports fan. The Bikini Basketball League and Legend Football League consist of female competitors that bare it all.

It was previously reported that former NFL player Deion Sanders was unhappy with his daughter’s decision to join the Bikini Basketball League. Apparently, Sanders did not agree with the idea of his daughter wearing a bikini while playing basketball.

This new Bikini Basketball League plans to emerge in 2013 with eight teams including a home team called the Atlanta Peaches. The criteria for selection gravitates more towards the female’s looks but doesn’t exclude their athletic capabilities.

The Legend Football League (LFL) formerly known as the Lingerie Football League was created in 2009. The local team is the Atlanta Steam who plays a game of full contact 7 on 7 while wearing a helmet, shoulder pads and a two-piece uniform. The Atlanta Steam games are played at the Arena at Gwinnett Center and a new season is approaching. Here is something to think about: if the Atlanta Steam is playing full contact without a complete uniform isn’t the exposure to an injury much greater?

As a true fan of professional sports, it seems the creation of these two teams are clearly playing for the fun of the sport itself. With that being said, I can’t seriously allow myself carry the same level interest that I would have in watching an Atlanta Dream basketball game.

I like the thrill and excitement of competition in the game, but there lacks a desire to see a team which thrives on playing sports while wearing something close to a cheer leading uniform that you’d expect to see on the sidelines. I wanted to gain a different perspective so I asked a male friend of mine who is a fan of NFL football what he thinks and simply put, he said, “I’m no fan of women playing football.”

Women have come a long way and made great strides in professional sports. For instance, the Atlanta Dream have played great seasons and gone to the WNBA finals. Serena Williams and Venus Williams defeated competitors and earned Olympic gold medals. I’d rather choose to celebrate the accomplishments of female athletes who take their careers and achievements seriously and aspire to excel in what they do.

Tara B., Former Editor of Sports

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