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Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam: ‘A’ For Effort.


As you may know from previous articles, my favorite foundation is currently Iman’s Second to None Stick Foundation.  Unfortunately I ran out and it is not particularly easy to replace.  So I had to settle for something else.  As I paced the aisles in CVS, Maybelline’s Dream Nude Airfoam caught my eye.  This foundation is supposed to give a flawless finish while feeling light on your skin.  It’s a light coverage foundation and comes out as foam.  I have been using it for about a month and I can’t say I like it.  Here’s why.


The pump is out of control.  I always end up squeezing out too much foundation.  There’s no way to control how much product comes out and sometimes it spurts out and gets everywhere.

The foundation looks horrible before it settles.  It just looks caked on and pasty, also really orange.  So you don’t want to put it on and run out the door.

After a few hours or so the foundation starts to look bad.  Particularly with me after a day of classes I notice the dry spots on my face are ten times more noticeable.  I don’t know why it does this but I usually end up washing my face, moisturizing then reapplying the foundation.  However, no one wants to worry about doing this in the middle of the day

Still, there are some things I like about this foundation.


The foundation is actually very lightweight as the advertisements claim.  I always forget I have make-up on.  It’s a great foundation for the summer time.

After the foundation settles and before it starts wearing away, it looks really good.

This foundation works until I can get my hands on some more Iman Foundation but, I’m not impressed.  It’s okay but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you already have perfect skin.  Good idea Maybelline, but the product needs some improvements.

Editor of Health & Beauty: Brandi Giles

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