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Are You Deciding To Go Natural? Read About My Natural Hair Journey: From Relaxed to Natural!

There may have been plenty of times when you wanted to go natural but decided not to.   Well, going Natural can often be challenging. Sometimes, it can be hard to believe that your hair will grow past a certain length!!! All my life I have been relaxed it wasn’t by choice it was actually by FORCE! You see my mother always did my hair and in her salon, if you’re hair is too tightly coiled to comb through then you DEFINITELY need a perm. Being relaxed never bothered me until my senior year of high school. It was then that I noticed my hair was dry, always breaking off, damaged, and just out of control. So then I started to wear weaves and I love weaves but every now and then you just want your natural beauty to show. Last summer after reading many blogs and watching many vlogs on natural hair I then cut my hair into a short cut because I was not very confident in enduring the long natural hair journey. My short haircut was nice but I still was not satisfied with my hair appearance; it was still relaxed and even shorter. It wasn’t until July of 2012 that I was really ready and I cut off all my permed strands also known as the BIG CHOP. Although my hair was already short the experience was still a big step for me.

It is now January, and I am six months natural. It has been a wonderful experience and it has taught me patience. There are so many styles and different things you can do with natural hair. I normally get protective styles like braids, weaves, or even wear wigs to help my hair grow out more quickly. I love wearing turbans as well. I feel like many young women can go natural and just embrace their natural beauty. A lot of young people today are afraid to go natural because of what society will think, but actually who cares.  Going natural is something that takes patience and it’s something that you have to REALLY want to do. There have been plenty of times when I was ready to put a perm in my hair over these six months, but ladies if you have started the journey please continue. There are tons of wonderful products you can use and tons of new ideas to try. Healthy hair is the best hair! So stop being scared, beautiful queens, if this is something you have wanted to do, Do it now!!!


My transformation! From relaxed to natural!

There are two products that I love to use besides deep conditioning my hair every other day and they are:

1. (Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel.)  -You can find this product at your local beauty supply store. I normally get mines from Sally’s Beauty Supply and the cost of it is 4.99-5 dollars. This product helps hold my hair and also defines my curls and gives them a great shine and texture.

2. (Shea Moisture Curling Soufflé’) – This product is found at Target and the cost is normally 10-12 dollars. I especially love this product because I have thick hair and this product helps my curls to be even more defined and silky. So if you have more of a thick texture of hair, I recommend the curling soufflé to give you hair that extra touch of curliness.

By Shanicia Hill

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