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Spotlight: WILL

Smokin For Press smallerName: WILL (aka The Spliff King aka The Dutch Master aka SnaggaTOOF bka Mr. Match It Up)

Age: 23

Occupation: Rapper/Songwriter

Mixtapes: I.L.L., Stoned In A Stang, Stoned On Marta, 42 Degrees – Ethereal And The 42 Degrees Family

“My content can be described as the innermost thoughts of an intellectual, street savvy, truth-seeking, spiritual, somewhat athletic Southern gentleman who LOVES weed and beer, has had money issues for as long as he could remember, and can’t keep a job.” That’s one hell of an introduction, huh? Atlanta rapper WILL, also commonly known by one of his various aliases up top, is not only paving his way in the music industry, but also doing it in a creative, new sound. The release of his most recent mixtape entitled I.L.L. has received nothing but high praise for its excellent production, hypnotizing lyricism, and accurately-placed philosophical quotes. Featuring production help from artists such as Kosherbeets, SMKA and more, WILL’s tape is the epitome of what a perfect project should sound like from an upcoming artist.

After converting to percussion in high school following his original knowledge of how to play the cello in fourth grade, WILL started perfecting the art of rapping in 2010. His talents have allowed him to perform at several venues, including SXSW 2012 in Austin, Texas, the 2012 A3C Hip-Hop Festival in Atlanta, GA, and the Welcome To Atlanta concert with artists Trinidad Jame$, ForteBowie, Sean Falyon, Scotty and more. While some of WILL’s influences include artists such as Method Man, Lupe Fiasco, Cam’ron and Big L, he still acknowledges “the early 2000’s music out of Atlanta that got us to hip-hop’s forefront.”

In the near future, the Atlanta artist hopes to promote his mixtape I.L.L. by creating videos for tracks such as “You Gon Hemi”, “WON-TOO-MANY”, “Take It 2 The Flo” and “Who Told You Dat.” He also recently released visuals for his single “A THOUZZIN” which you can check out at the top. Ultimately, WILL hopes to provide for himself and his family after musically making it. With his own creative and individualistic sound, it is only a matter of time before the upcoming jetsetter takes off. To close it up, WILL’s music can easily be defined by the reason he creates it in the first place. “Personal Therapy, to relate to those who may otherwise feel alone, to be a testimony, and for the b*tches.”

Click To Download “I.L.L.”


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