Everything Exclusive Magazine:

It’s A Celebration!

This year, students at Georgia State University have the wonderful opportunity to become a part of the school’s history. They have a chance to participate in the celebration of the university’s 100th birthday. In 1913, Georgia State was founded as the Georgia School of Technology’s “Evening School of Commerce.” It was intended to be a school for mining engineering programs; however, it now offers more than 250 degree programs.

With all the accomplishments that Georgia State has received over the last 100 years, it is a given that this centennial celebration will be a huge success. To kick off this year’s events, this university began with events such as “The Centennial Game” men’s basketball game and the Centennial Carnival.

This is the original campus of the Evening School of Commerce. Source: http://100.gsu.edu

                Other events that will take place this year consist of  recognition ceremonies, concerts and a variety of activities. Needless to say, this year will be a big one for Georgia State University. I encourage students to participate in a few events of interest because a school only turns 100 once! Happy 100th birthday Georgia State University!

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