Everything Exclusive Magazine:

Letter From the Editor

Hello Readers!

If I have to say this a million times, I will:

Thank you for supporting Everything Exclusive Magazine! We are forever grateful for you all following us and keeping up with our activity. Because of you, Everything Exclusive Magazine continues to flourish and we couldn’t be more ecstatic.

We’ve been working hard since our debut on August 12th and as much as we would love to continue entertaining and writing for you all, it’s time for us to take a break. We’re all college students and it’s finals season. Not to mention, the holidays are coming up and we want to observe and celebrate with our families…

But don’t worry; we will be back with even bigger and better topics in 2013! Be on the look out for our special announcement on December 23rd. Keep following us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram so you won’t miss out!

In the meantime, continue to spread the word about Everything Exclusive Magazine, share your favorite articles and feel free to comment.

Again, thank you for the support. 🙂


Raena S.

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