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Who’s Hot: Miloh Smith

cover            Imagine mixing Erykah Badu’s soul and attitude, the stylings and arrogance of Amy Winehouse and the wordplay and wit of your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. The outcome, commonly known in the music world as the sultry songstress and MC, Miloh Smith, is nothing short of enticing. Fresh off the release of her debut mixtape Suite 404, the Atlanta native is already creating a buzz in the industry. Fifteen tracks of flawlessly crafted material, from the smooth and often trippy production to the creatively written flow, Suite 404 is guaranteed to lull you into a trance as Miloh takes you on a lyrical journey. With production primarily handled by the talented Chris Calor, Suite 404 even features a verse from another New Atlanta member, Wavy Wallace, and several new names that fail to disappoint.  After checking out the video of her SXSR3 Performance below, make sure you head on over to LiveMixtapes and download Suite 404 for yourself: http://indy.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/19729/miloh-smith-suite-404.html



Editor of Music, Giselle B.

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